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We Love our Families!

This month our theme is “I Belong.”  This past week we talked about belonging in our families.  It was so special for the kids to bring their own family picture to share with their classmates.  I love how much these little children love their families- no matter how big or small! As we learned about…

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This week we introduced the children to different things we will be using throughout the school year like glue, scissors, and watercolors.  I love letting the children discover and paint with watercolors!  They love seeing the colors “wake up” as they get their pallet wet.  We will paint more specific pictures later in the year,…

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First Week of Preschool!

What a wonderful start to our year!  The beginning of the school year is so fun to get to know all our new students!  What sweet little ones we have in our preschool this year! We have expanded our preschool and are using our new classroom this year for some of our classes!  Dressing up…

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