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Treasuring moments of growth!


This week we introduced the children to different things we will be using throughout the school year like glue, scissors, and watercolors.  I love letting the children discover and paint with watercolors!  They love seeing the colors “wake up” as they get their pallet wet.  We will paint more specific pictures later in the year, but this time they just got to paint a plain white paper however they wanted to.  Painting is a calming activity that fosters creativity and strengthens their dexterity.

We introduced Elmer’s glue to the children, which we call “Magic Glue” since it magically rubs off if they get it on their fingers as they’re working.  They all love the idea of “Magic Glue!”  This project helped them learn the first letter of their name.  It also was a great way to work on those little fine motor skills as they practiced picking one sequin up at a time.  They were very pleased with their colorful, sparkly letter and they all did a great job!

These children really enjoyed playing with our magnetic numbers and letters.  What a fun way to practice letters and colors!
Playing during centers each day of preschool helps the children work on social skills like sharing and taking turns.  It is also a time when we work on learning through play.  That is the best way for children to learn!

This beautiful fall weather has been so enjoyable for recess!  Although we go outside during all the seasons, fall is a perfect time to play outside!

These cute kids were enjoying a story together.  I love reading to them!  Stories and books come alive when you’re a preschooler!  And it’s fun to see how much they enjoy the stories.  
We’ve learned the letters “I” and “S” so far and the numbers “1” and “2.”  Be sure to point these out as you read with your child or as you see these letters around the house.  Reinforcing what we learn in preschool is the most effective way for your children to learn!

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