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Our First Month of Preschool!

What a fantastic start to the school year!  Our theme for September was “I Belong” and each week, we focused on a different area where the preschoolers belong.  We learned about belonging at school and learned many new skills we’ll use all year long.  We sang songs to help the preschoolers get to know each other and learned how to paint with watercolors, use scissors, count objects, and recognize numbers to name a few things we worked on.



We focused on belonging in a family and how each family is different.  We discussed how a family is made up of people whom we love and who love us.   Many of the children brought a picture of their family to show their classmates.  They feel so much pride and happiness when they get to talk about those they love.  As part of our family week, we learned a song about happily helping our family members!  It’s amazing how much these young children can really help with at home!


Then we spent a week talking about how we belong among our friends and how to be a good friend.  We practice being a good friend when we’re inside and when we’re outside at recess.  Good social skills are essential for preschoolers to practice and learn as they prepare for kindergarten.  As a class, we created a special “Friendship Quilt” where the children made a hand print and then got to decorate their piece of the quilt.  It turned out so wonderfully!



Lastly, we learned about our community and the many people and helpers in our community.  The children were thrilled to get to dress up as different people in our community from fire fighters to doctors, farmers to bakers, and many more!  Role playing is such a fun way for preschoolers to learn about the world around them.

Our preschool is delighted to have Mother Goose visit each month.  She comes with her goose named Goosey to each class and brings wonderful songs, stories, and rhymes!  The children always look forward to her magical visits!


These children are enjoying their turn to play the xylophone after we learned about the letter “X”.  The children have really enjoyed incorporating musical instruments during preschool and love trying their hand at being musicians!  This month we also learned “I”, “S”, “A”, and “M”.

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