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Winter and Snow!

We had a great week learning all about winter and snow! We practiced one-to-one correspondence and letter recognition as we played this fun game!  The kids took turns rolling a numbered die and putting that number of “snowballs” on the snowmen! Preschoolers love singing and acting out songs!  We sang “Once There Was a Snowman”…

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Winter Holidays!

 Let me start by saying “Thank you” to Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Spackman, Miss Emily, and Miss Anna for filling in for me while I was not feeling well and couldn’t teach.  What great ladies!  I loved seeing this picture of a little story time while the other children were finishing their snack–precious!  Also, a big…

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Merry Christmas!

We had the merriest week yet at the preschool getting ready for Christmas!!  The kids loved counting how many days until Christmas after we did our calendar and numbers each day.  I love how excited they were for Christmas! What a special time of year!  We read a beautiful story called “Memories of the Manger”…

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