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Field Trip to the Fire Station!

 As part of our transportation week, we visited our local Fire Department!  What an awesome field trip this was! The fire fighters were so wonderful with our kids and let them have so may hands-on experiences!  It was so helpful when the firemen geared up to show the children what firemen look and sound like…

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Farm Animals Week!

  Farm week was full of fun learning!  We sorted animals so we would know which animals live on a farm and then we grouped the farm animals together, talked about what sounds animals make and sang “Old MacDonald Had A Farm!”    Although we learned about all the animals on a farm, we focused…

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Last week of summer preschool–Ocean Animals week!

  What a fabulous last week of summer preschool we had!  It was so much fun to learn about all sorts of ocean animals from tiny creatures that live in shells to great big whales!   We finished up the alphabet this week as we learned the letters “O,” “K,” and “Y” as well as…

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First week of Preschool!

 What a wonderful first week of preschool!  Our theme for the month is “I Belong.”  Each week we have a sub-theme and this week’s was “I Belong at School.”  We played get-to-know-you games, sung songs with our names and learned the rules of our preschool.  We also learned the letter “I” this week! We start…

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