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“B” Week- Our Amazing Bodies!

This month we are learning about our amazing bodies!  This week we focused on body parts.  The kids loved when we rolled back the rug and did our project on the floor one day this week!   We traced each child’s body and then they added their face and hair.   Some went all out and…

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Our 5 Senses!

We had such a good time learning about and exploring our 5 senses!  Mr. Potato Head visited our class to introduce the 5 senses to the kids and helped them learn a song about our senses!  The kids loved that he talked to each one of them and asked them a question about their senses!…

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Teeth Week!

Continuing our monthly theme of “My Body,” we learned about our teeth this week!  I had the kids guess how many teeth they had and it was so entertaining to hear their responses!  Then, we learned that they really have 20 baby teeth! They really enjoyed our teeth project of making a mouth like their…

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