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 What a perfect week weather-wise to start our Fall theme!  This is such an exciting time of year with the leaves changing color, the air getting crisp, and Halloween fast-approaching!  This week we learned all about fall and how it fits in with the other seasons. We explored patterns this week!  Pattern-making is an important…

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Pumpkin week!

This week was truly magical as we studied all about pumpkins!  The kids loved getting to see inside the pumpkins and thoroughly enjoyed smelling, holding, and feeling the pumpkins and their seeds!           Hands-on learning is so wonderful as it uses multiple senses and really solidifies and personalizes what we’ve been learning as…

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Halloween is coming!

After learning about pumpkins last week, we transitioned right into Halloween with Jack-o-lanterns and the letter “J” this week!   All the children really enjoyed this week’s variation to our letter of the week song:  jumping each time we sang the sound of the letter “J”!  Using multiple senses while learning is very effective in helping…

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