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Treasuring moments of growth!

Our Community!

We had a terrific week learning about our community and many different community helpers as well!
The highlight of the week was the addition of “The Market” to our centers!  The kids loved role playing different community helpers and getting to buy groceries!

We had some great community chefs as well!
For part of our lesson this week, we made a miniature community with buildings and community helper vehicles!
For project one day, the kids practiced following directions as they “drove” their crayon around a little community map.  They did an excellent job!
Another day this week, the kids matched a variety of community helpers with the tools each one uses.  This was a great project for the older kids to work on their scissor skills which enhance eye-hand coordination and build dexterity in fine-motor muscles.

One of our favorite community helpers came to visit our classes this week: Suzy Safari!!  She is always a delight when she comes to teach the kids about different animals through stories, songs, and rhymes.  This week she taught about mice!  What fun!

Our letter of the week was “M” so we got to work on some math skills using M&Ms!  Each child made their own unique graph and answered questions about their graph.  Which color had the most, least, and the same?  This was also good practice with one-to-one correspondence and counting items.  
Math can be so much fun!

Lastly, these cute kids had a blast during music time as they took turns dancing and being part of the audience!

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