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Going on Safari!

This week was an adventurous one as we learned about animals we would see if we went on a safari in the African savanna.  This floor puzzle was a hit with the kids!  They loved identifying the various safari animals as they put the puzzle together with their friends.
Suzy Safari even got to come visit this week and sing some fun songs and teach the kids even more about safari animals!  We love when she brings her puppets along to help her teach the children!
For one of our projects this week, we played a safari race game.  The students took turns rolling a dice with safari animals on it.  They then circled the corresponding animal on their page.  As the game continued, they got to see which animal got the furthest along the path to the other side of the page.  They loved this game!  This was a great way to help reinforce the names of some of the safari animals.  

 This class enjoyed playing this eye-spy game with Ms. Ann as they took turns pointing to various safari animals at the watering hole and counting how many there were. 
 After pretending to go on an African safari as a class, we made a zebra that the children got to take home.  I love teaching these children about the many amazing animals around the world!  They love animals and have absorbed so much!  Your children are so bright and know so much!
 With the Pre-Kindergarten kids, we worked on writing our letter of the week: “G”.  They also drew a picture of something that started with the letter “G.”  We had everything from giraffes to a gorilla wearing goggles!  This week we also emphasized the correct way to hold a pencil as these kids continue preparing for kindergarten.
I love how much these kids enjoy looking at books after snack time.  Sometimes they look for our letter of the week or the animals we’ve been learning about or just take a minute to look through the pictures of a book we’ve read as a class.  I love how much they love books!

 These stencils at centers provide a wonderful opportunity for the children to make their own picture and be creative as they confidently trace and color the simple images in whatever arrangement they desire.
 I love seeing the little friendships form and blossom as the children play together during centers.  Developing social skills is an important part of our class.  After all, we interact with people every day at home, at school, and in public settings throughout our whole life!  Preschool is a great time to strengthen those skills!

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