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We had an outstanding week learning about WATER!   With such hot temperatures, the kids all enjoyed splashing and playing outside in the water this week at our water party!    What’s a water party without popsicles?  Since fish live in the water, we worked on number recognition with this fishing game (each fish had a…

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Happy Birthday America!

Since it’s almost the 4th of July, we spent the week learning about the U.S.A.! To help familiarize the kids with the many different states in America, we played a fun game finding where the states go on a map and learning an interesting thing about each one.     We learned about our country’s flag…

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Volcanoes Erupt!

Volcano week was a fascinating week!  We learned all about magma and hot lava and how a volcano erupts!  The children were mesmerized by our classroom volcanoes! A little baking soda and vinegar go a long way!  After seeing our volcanoes erupt in class, we made our own volcanoes with play-doh.  The kids really liked…

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