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Spring, Seasons, and the Letter Y!

Since spring is fast-approaching, we learned all about spring and how it fits in with all the other seasons. The kids loved changing their winter tree into a spring tree by adding pink and white blossoms! This was a great project to help solidify what happens during each season. I love how creative some of…

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Egg Week!

This week was so neat as we learned all about eggs  as well as identifying which animals hatch from eggs (oviparous animals).   We went on an egg-hunt around our preschool for animal eggs!   After our hunt, we gathered in small groups, opened the eggs to see which animals were inside and recorded our…

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St. Patrick’s Day and Birds!!

 We had a pretty lucky St. Patrick’s day at our preschool! We found a pot of gold left by a leprechaun!!  Then we learned about St. Patrick and Ireland! The kids really enjoyed mixing blue and yellow to make GREEN!! Carefully painting inside the lines of their clovers!  They did a great job! The leprechaun…

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Nests, Nests, Nests!

Learning about birds last week was the perfect springboard into this week’s theme: NESTS!     Checking out a real robin’s nest!  We observed that it was made of mud, grass, twigs, and pine needles.  I love that one student brought in this mud swallow nest.  It was neat to see how this nest was…

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