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First Week of Summer Camps: Insects!

Summer Camps have begun!!We structure summer camps much like the regular school year to continue the consistency for those who have been in our preschool already and to introduce the structure to those who are coming for their first time.  We have centers each day where the children learn through playing with one another or…

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Pet Week!

For our 2nd summer camp we learned all about PETS!The children took turns matching the pet with its name written out.  We practiced letters by pointing out various letters in our words as well as reading together for those who were ready.   We learned about what types of things pets need.  We learned that…

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Discovering Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur week was a HUGE success!!!  Dinosaurs are so fascinating and we had a terrific time learning about them and enjoyed some very fun dinosaur books as well like the darling books by Jane Yolen.  A few of the titles are: “How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?” and “How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?” as…

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