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Insect Week!

This past week we learned all about INSECTS!!  It was so fun to have Suzy Safari visit again to teach us more about animals! Our “Insect World” was a big hit this week!  The children were so excited to dig in and get their hands dirty, literally, in an insect’s natural habitat complete with rocks,…

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Celebrating Easter!

We had a fabulous week learning about and getting ready for Easter!!  I am so grateful for the true meaning of Easter and truly enjoy the fun side of Easter too!  To start off the week, we did some jellybean math!  We worked on numeral recognition and writing with our Pre-K kids.  Then, they added…

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Eensy, Weensy Spider!!!

Spider week was last week and we had a lot of webby, spidery fun!  We learned so much about spiders and loved getting to examine a real specimen up close! The children absolutely loved playing “Dead or Alive”!  Each child shook and dropped a handful of spiders and then separated the ones that were dead…

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