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Treasuring moments of growth!

We Love our Families!

This month our theme is “I Belong.”  This past week we talked about belonging in our families.  It was so special for the kids to bring their own family picture to share with their classmates.  I love how much these little children love their families- no matter how big or small!
As we learned about families, we made family puppets!  The older kids practiced cutting with scissors and colored their puppets.  These puppets were so fun!  The children were really excited to take them home so they could play with them.

Since all of our preschoolers are so big now, we talked about many ways they can help in their homes and families.  They loved taking turns doing each little job as we sang a song about helping our families.  They helped take care of babies, swept, mopped, dusted, picked up toys, stirred and helped cook to name a few of the ways they helped!

The Pre-Kindergartners put their drawing skills to the test as they drew pictures of themselves, their family, their home, and a way they can help their family.  I like giving the children a drawing project  at the beginning of the year to see where they are at.  We have artists of all different abilities which is wonderful.  I feel it’s important to give children opportunities to grow and discover new things they can do as well!
The children loved playing our musical instruments this week.  We learned each instrument’s name and how to play them.  The children did a great job taking turns and trying out each instrument.

What a wonderful treat this week…Mother Goose came to visit!  She comes each month with her puppet “Goosey” and sings songs and tells rhymes and reads stories to the children.  They all love Mother Goose!
I love capturing these sweet moments when little friends are learning and playing together!

Each day we work on learning the number and letters.  One of the classroom jobs is to help with the “ABC” song.  I love how eager each of child is to help in our classroom!  What precious children!

This week we learned the letter “X”.  These kids can make “X” with their fingers and arms!

Another wonderful week!  Next, we’ll be learning about belonging with friends!

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