First Week of Preschool!

What a wonderful start to our year!  The beginning of the school year is so fun to get to know all our new students!  What sweet little ones we have in our preschool this year!

We have expanded our preschool and are using our new classroom this year for some of our classes!

 Dressing up is an exciting part of being a kid!  Pretending and imaging is important for little minds as they try new things!

Ms. Rebecca is our newest head teacher for one of our Pre-Kindergarten classes.  She studied at BYU and has a lot of great experience with children.  She is creative, loving, intuitive, and a wonderful teacher!
This week Franklin the turtle came to visit our classes and let them know that he felt nervous when he started school too.  The kids love when puppets come to life! : )

 I love these pictures!  I love when children are free to express themselves and I love when kids just enjoy looking through books!

At the beginning of each class, the children start their preschool day learning through play.  We work a lot on social skills during this time as the children play together and practice using words to let their classmates know they would like a turn.  This is also a time to practice independence since the children get to choose what they play with and if they want to play independently.

Going outside every day is important to continue our learning in a different setting.  Lots of sharing, taking turns, running, being loud, experiencing nature, and having fun!

We also practice manners and enjoy friendship as we sit down and have a snack together each day too!

This week we talked about how as we work together as a team in our classes, we can do lots of great things together.  We practiced this teamwork by helping each other put puzzles together.  As the children worked on fitting the pieces together, they helped each other and enjoyed seeing when all their pieces fit together.  We hope you will promote more puzzle time at home too! 

We are off to a great start this year!