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Treasuring moments of growth!

November – Thanksgiving!

In November, to get ready for Thanksgiving, we learned about turkeys, pumpkins, and pilgrims and indians.  We enjoyed some fun turkey songs like “Turkey in the Straw” and dancing during music time.

We have a special visitor who comes each month to share stories and songs with each class.  This month, Suzie Safari came to teach us all about turkeys!  We always love when our story lady comes!  For our project, we worked on fine motor skills as the children painted a picture of a turkey with watercolors.

When we learned about pilgrims and Indians and the first Thanksgiving, we got to practice graphing Thanksgiving things.  The kids worked in teams and rolled a special dice and marked each time they rolled a certain object.  Along the way, we noticed which objects had the same amount, or more or less.  We also looked at the way early native american Indians wrote with pictures and made our own headband with pictures.


The week of Thanksgiving, the children got to make a bountiful cornucopia full of fruits and veggies that they cut our and colored!  They are each getting pretty good at using scissors!

We also practiced one-to-one correspondence, counting skills, and number recognition when we used candy corns as counting markers.

We have so many blessings to be grateful for!  The children got a chance to make a picture of what they are thankful for.  The 3-year-old classes got to use stencils to draw what they are thankful for.  They felt so proud of what their picture looked like!

In November, we also learned about colors.  We learned about the 3 primary colors and the magic of mixing those to make new colors like purple, green, orange, and brown!  We read the story “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” and the children got to be the characters in the book and say what they saw.  We also painted a brown bear to look fluffy using cotton balls to paint with.

Preschool is such an important time of growth!  These kids are growing each day in their creativity, in their confidence to try new things, and in their friendships just to name a few!  I love seeing these happy kids!


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