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In preparation for the 4th of July, we learned a lot about our wonderful country!  We looked at our globe and saw that there are a lot of different countries throughout the world.  Then we found our country-the U.S.A.!  We learned what those letters stand for as well. As we listened to “God Bless America!”…

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Space and Our Solar System

Learning about space and our solar system was an awesome theme for this week’s summer camp!  We all enjoyed our new hanging solar system which we got to see glow in the dark!  I love how glow in the dark is so magical for the kids! The kids really liked studying space books.  There are…

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We had a great week learning about pioneers!  We learned how they traveled on foot, in covered wagons, on boats, and on horses.  I feel it is important to teach children history and help them appreciate all the things they enjoy today and feel a sense of gratitude for those who have come before us.…

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Transportation Week – Fire Department Field Trip!

We had a fantastic week learning about transportation.  We learned that transportation is how we get from one place to another.  We sorted these various forms of transportation into three groups based on how they travel: air, land, or water.     The children enjoyed getting a partner and making a little rowboat together as…

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