We had an outstanding week learning about WATER!  
With such hot temperatures, the kids all enjoyed splashing and playing outside in the water this week at our water party!

 What’s a water party without popsicles?
 Since fish live in the water, we worked on number recognition with this fishing game (each fish had a different number on it).  This game is also a fantastic way to strengthen eye-hand coordination!
 We discovered first-hand that ice is water!  The kids held an ice cube and noticed how it melted in their hands and turned back into water.  We used this time to work on descriptive words like cold, wet, slippery, and smooth too. 
 One day we learned about sinking and floating.  We played a game with Cookie Monster as a class and then did our own experiments to find out what things would sink or float!  Here is the link to the game:  The kids loved making their hypothesis and then seeing what happened!

 During centers one day, this little girl took on the project of sorting all the bears by color!
 These girls loved role-playing in the kitchen center as they cooked and served up some yummy food.

Summer is a fun time to learn and explore together with friends!