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Happy Birthday America!

Since it’s almost the 4th of July, we spent the week learning about the U.S.A.!
To help familiarize the kids with the many different states in America, we played a fun game finding where the states go on a map and learning an interesting thing about each one. 

 We learned about our country’s flag and then the kids each got to make their own flag to take home! 
 One of their favorite parts of the week was pretending to be in a parade and marching with their flags!  They thoroughly enjoyed marching to “Stars and Stripes Forever”!


They were all quite proud of their flags!
   The 3-day a week class learned about patterns.  This is a concept that takes a lot of exposure before most kids pick it up.  They practiced making patterns with red, white, and blue items!

 I love about being a preschool teacher!  I love the opportunity to teach these little ones to play and work nicely together, use their words to express what they feel and want, and to share with others.  In this week’s pictures from centers I tried to capture those moments when they were using their social skills well and enjoying being together with their classmates.



  We had some new songs for music and movement this week! 
The kids’ favorite was when we sang and acted out “10 in the Bed”.  They loved rolling over and in turn falling off the “bed” until just the “little one” was alone in the bed!
 Keeping the preschool strawberry plants alive and thriving in the heat!
  Happy 4th of July!!  Have a great weekend!
 We are all very blessed to live in such a great nation.  Countless men and women have sacrificed much for this great land and it’s freedoms.  Happy birthday America!

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