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Treasuring moments of growth!

Volcanoes Erupt!

Volcano week was a fascinating week!  We learned all about magma and hot lava and how a volcano erupts!  The children were mesmerized by our classroom volcanoes! A little baking soda and vinegar go a long way!

 After seeing our volcanoes erupt in class, we made our own volcanoes with play-doh.  The kids really liked adding bits of orange play-doh as lava for a more dramatic effect!

 Imagination is a wonderful skill to develop and strengthen during these early years, so we used our imagination as we played “Hot Lava!”.  Our tile floor became the hot lava and the children had to carefully climb over the lava in order to safely arrive on the other side of the classroom!  This was also a good large motor skill builder.

 For one of our projects, we created paper volcanoes complete with erupting lava, of course!  The kids loved the freedom to form and glue their lava just how they wanted it!


 Our 3-day/week class did a fantastic job carefully painting another volcano including the smoke and ash that spew from the volcano as well.
During centers, we work on a variety of developmental skills.  
Puzzles are a great tool for developing early math skills, problem-solving, and self-esteem as they patiently work on and then accomplish the goal at hand.  Puzzles are a great preparation for kindergarten.
Stringing beads strengthens fine motor skills and gives an opportunity for creative design and expression.  It is also a fun way to work on pattern skills.
Playing together in our little kitchen area is a positive social setting where kids learn to work together doing the things they observe moms and dads doing at home.
Each day after recess, we wash hands and sit down for a snack.  This is a fun time for the kids to practice using their manners and social skills as they visit with their school friends!
We had a great week learning and exploring together!

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