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Treasuring moments of growth!

“It’s autumntime, it’s autumntime, the leaves are falling down!”

This week we learned about leaves!  After learning about fall last week it was fun to study leaves this week!  We learned about what happens to those lush green summer leaves when they are done working for the tree and turn to beautiful fall colors!  As part of our learning, we examined real leaves and saw how leaves are different shapes and sizes and turn different colors in the fall.

We looked at the book “Fall Walk” by Virginia Brimhall Snow to see how different trees have different leaves!  It is a fun book for kids to see how leaves look for a variety of leaves! 

The children loved adding some fall leaves to our school tree!  I love how excited these kids are to participate and get in on the action of learning!

We had some fun leaf art projects this week!  We rubbed crayons over real leaves and saw how they magically appeared on our paper! I love hearing that some students loved this activity so much that they have been finding their own leaves and making more leaf art!

Then we made our own colorful fall leaf!

All week we have been singing a little song called “It’s Autumntime”!  The kids have loved learning this song!  These kids are so smart and learn so quickly!  I hope they continue singing it at home as they observe the autumn colors and leaves for themselves!

“Centers” is always an important part of each day when the children can play together and enjoy each others’ company.  Children learn so much through play!

Social skills are a big part of preschool.  We are always working on improving those skills by being kind and sharing with one another and having fun together!

This week we focused on the letter “L.”  The Pre-K classes practiced their cutting skills as well as their coloring skills (both wonderful fine motor development activities) as we made our own little “Itsy Bitsy Ll Books”! 

 The kids each got a turn to pull something out of our special bag that started with the letter “L”!

This week the kids were surprised when Monster Goose came to visit our classroom instead of Mother Goose!  She told us Mother Goose was very busy helping some of the children in Mother Goose land and needed Monster Goose to take her place this month!  It was a fun Halloween visit complete with stories, songs, and rhymes!  It is always such a magical, anticipated time when we get to have a special visitor!

We had a lovely week!  I love these little kids!  They are so sweet and smart!  It is so amazing to see them learn and grow!

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