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Treasuring moments of growth!


 What a perfect week weather-wise to start our Fall theme!  This is such an exciting time of year with the leaves changing color, the air getting crisp, and Halloween fast-approaching!  This week we learned all about fall and how it fits in with the other seasons.
We explored patterns this week!  Pattern-making is an important skill for preschoolers to explore and play with as it helps them in their later math development.  Try to point out simple patterns with your child and help them to identify the repeated pattern!  This can be a very fun activity!
The Pre-K classes made their own patterns with candy corn and pumpkins!  Patterns can be made out of anything!  Encourage your kids to continue this activity at home with something you have around the house.
 Not only do patterns help with math, but this activity was a good fine motor skill-builder as well and it was perfect for the season!
 The 3-year-old classes matched up their candy corns on pre-made pattern sheets. 
 They were so excited when they completed their pattern! : )
At centers we continued our pattern exploring with bead stringing!
 These children had an enjoyable time playing, building, and creating together during centers!
 As part of our “fall” week, we made our own scarecrows!  We read “Clifford’s Puppy Days: The Silly Scarecrow” and talked about the characters in the story and the sequencing of different parts of the story line.  Retelling stories and identifying the main characters help build reading comprehension skills.
 The kids really enjoyed this fun, hands-on project!

 Our assistant teacher, Ms. Ann, had a fun music and movement activity for the kids this week as they pretended to drive a car and go on a fun outing!
 We also enjoyed some large-motor movement while learning “It’s Autumntime.”  Floating fall leaves were so intriguing!  Singing songs is a wonderful way to give children the opportunity to memorize poems, rhymes, and songs!
“F” was the letter of the week!  These fun and fancy letters were a lot fun complete with flowers, feathers, and fish!
 These children were searching for the letter “F” in our story books!
And last, but not least, the kids were thrilled when our friend Suzy Safari stopped in for a delightful visit!  She taught us about bugs this time!
Next week we’ll learn all about LEAVES!
Enjoy this beautiful time of year with your little ones!

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