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Treasuring moments of growth!

Pumpkin week!

This week was truly magical as we studied all about pumpkins!

 The kids loved getting to see inside the pumpkins and thoroughly enjoyed smelling, holding, and feeling the pumpkins and their seeds!


      Hands-on learning is so wonderful as it uses multiple senses and really solidifies and personalizes what we’ve been learning as a class!  It was fun to hear what some of them said the pumpkins smelled like: apricots and peaches were some of the different responses!  It was fun for the kids to be able to take pumpkin seeds home as well as a mini pumpkin!

One of our wonderful assistant teachers, Ms. Ann, had a fun passing game for the kids to play during our music time!  The kids always love this game, but thought it was extra fun playing with a real pumpkin!
Miss Emily had the kids be part of a little band as she read them a music story and led them in a little parade!
We learned about the color orange this week–very appropriate for pumpkin week!
The Pre-K classes mixed red and yellow to make orange!  Some wanted their pumpkins red-orange and others wanted yellow-orange.  They liked seeing that we could make different shades of orange on our pumpkin projects!
 Next week we’ll be turning those cute painted pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns!  

We also learned the letter “P”.  The Pre-K classes used pumpkin seeds to make the letter “P” on  their orange pumpkin!  
And then we got to use more pumpkin seeds to count with!  We’re continually working on number recognition and one-to-one correspondence with counting.

It just takes a little effort at home to review numbers and letters we’ve been learning in class, but it really helps the children remember them!  As you’re driving, reading a book together, cooking with kids, or even shopping–point out numbers and letters to your children!   It takes kids multiple times of being exposed to the same number or letter before they really learn it.

We hope you are enjoying Fall Break with your darling kids!  They are learning so much and we’re  having the time of our lives in the process!

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