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Transportation Week – Fire Department Field Trip!

We had a fantastic week learning about transportation.  We learned that transportation is how we get from one place to another.  We sorted these various forms of transportation into three groups based on how they travel: air, land, or water.  
  The children enjoyed getting a partner and making a little rowboat together as we sang “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” when we talked about boats as a form of transportation on water.

 The highlight of the week was definitely our field trip to the Fire Department!  All along the way we spotted fire hydrants that the fire fighters use to put out fires.
We also saw a statue of the pioneers that we just learned about last week!
 The firemen were so wonderful to give each class a tour of the fire station, their many different vehicles, and teach us about fire safety.  
These lucky kids got to get inside one of the fire engines!

Some of the classes got to see inside an ambulance too!
 This class was very fortunate to be able to watch a new fire fighter pass off one of his tests as he hauled a large hose to the fire hydrant and successfully got it all hooked up!

 The children got to see what the firemen looked like with all their gear on and hear what they sound like when they breathe through their oxygen mask.  

We also got to see some of the many tools that the fire fighters use when there are emergencies.

One of the special tools they showed us was this thermal imaging camera that they can use during fires.  These children thought that was pretty interesting!
 We are so grateful for the fire fighters and all they do to help keep us safe!  We also enjoyed seeing this amazing statue in front of the fire department made by the same artist who painted our Treasure Tree on the wall of our classroom–Cathy Erdmann!  She creates amazing works or art!
 The firemen also talked to us about fire safety.  We practiced STOP, DROP, and ROLL, if our clothes ever catch on fire.  Also, the children learned that each family should have a safe meeting place outside their home if there ever was a fire in their house.   This field trip gives a perfect lead-in to talk about your emergency plan with your family–even your little preschoolers.  I hope you will take the time to talk about this with your own family this week.
Our 3-day/week class worked on a color-by-number picture of a little fireman!  We worked on colors and number recognition and they all enjoyed seeing what their finished picture looked like.
This class had fun making roads and ramps for the cars this week!
Our group coloring project of many forms of transportation!
I love how these kids independently worked so well to create this colorful pattern tower!  Summer camps and preschool help to build strong, healthy social skills that are so very important.

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