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Treasuring moments of growth!


In preparation for the 4th of July, we learned a lot about our wonderful country!  We looked at our globe and saw that there are a lot of different countries throughout the world.  Then we found our country-the U.S.A.!  We learned what those letters stand for as well.

As we listened to “God Bless America!” we looked at pictures that go along with the lyrics to help the children see various parts of our country and how beautiful it is!
The kids had a great time putting together our US puzzle and familiarizing themselves with the 50 states.  

We talked about how each star on the American flag represents one of the 50 states in our nation.
For one of our projects this week, we counted stars to work on number recognition and one-to-one correspondence.  For the older kids in our summer camps, we asked them addition problems to challenge them and had them practice writing the numbers as well.

We also learned about the American flag this week.  We focused on colors and creating a mini flag as we talked about our flag.

This was a great week for a fun snack time treat!  

We also learned that America started with just 13 colonies.  The children loved seeing how different life was back then as we read a book about life in the colonies.

With the kids that come 3 days/week, we got to learn about the Statue of Liberty!  They did a great job putting their individual puzzles together!  The older kids even worked on their cutting skills.
For one of the centers this week, the children used shapes to make pictures.  This was a great activity to focus on colors, shapes, and creativity!

Puzzles are always enjoyed by the preschoolers!  They are a great teaching tool as well.

Once a week, the children get to take any of the toys off the shelves during centers.  This is definitely a day they look forward to and these kids had a great time playing together!

  Since the early colonial people did not have cars, many of them rode horses.  For music time, we listened to and acted out a pony song.  The children LOVED riding around on their “ponies” around our classroom!  Imagination and movement are a delightful part of childhood!

Happy kids!  : )

 We hope you had a great 4th of July celebrating our precious freedoms and the heritage of our wonderful land!

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