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Treasuring moments of growth!

Nests, Nests, Nests!

Learning about birds last week was the perfect springboard into this week’s theme: NESTS!
Checking out a real robin’s nest!  We observed that it was made of mud, grass, twigs, and pine needles.
 I love that one student brought in this mud swallow nest.  It was neat to see how this nest was made quite differently than the robin’s nest. 
 We read books about different types of nests,
and even got to watch an eagle sitting on it’s eggs in it’s huge nest! 
 Here’s the link to keep watching the eagle and it’s eaglets:

 To strengthen fine motor skills, the children made their own nests out of Play-doh too!  It was interesting to see how the kids chose to make their eggs and how many they put in their individual nests!
 It was fascinating to watch a busy hummingbird build it’s nest one piece of fluff or stick or feather at a time!
   The kids pretended to be birds and “gathered” their nest-building materials one at a time in a little relay game!

I love how these realistic nests turned out!
 To top off our nest week, we enjoyed eating nests for snack!!

We got to learn about chickens, pretend to feed the chickens, and play like baby chicks when Suzy Safari came! 

Our letter of the week was “N”!  The kids loved seeing the pictures of themselves after they made these letters with their bodies!
Our big Pre-K kids practiced writing their names for N week.  We will continue practicing these on a regular basis to help them get ready for Kindergarten!  Lovingly encourage your kids to write their names with the first letter capitalized and the other letters lowercase. 
Playing a dice game to practice one-to-one correspondence and recognizing numerals during centers.
Ms. Ann and I were SO proud of this little smartie!  He is well on his way to Kindergarten!  Thanks for showing us how much you’re learning!

Enjoying a delightful story with Miss Emily!
Ms. Ann did some great music times with the kids this week!  The kids were enchanted with exploring instruments and playing musical chairs! 

We had a terrific week and are looking forward to our Easter week coming up!

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