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Egg Week!

This week was so neat as we learned all about eggs 
as well as identifying which animals hatch from eggs (oviparous animals).
We went on an egg-hunt around our preschool for animal eggs!
After our hunt, we gathered in small groups, opened the eggs to see which animals were inside and recorded our data.   The 3-year-olds graphed how many animals we found and the Pre-K students tallied and practiced writing numerals. 
Eggs are a perfect topic to study sequencing.  As we learned “Humpty Dumpty,” we focused on which parts of the rhyme came first, second, third, and last.
 The kids enjoyed figuring out these sequencing puzzles as one of our centers this week.
This focus on sequencing helped us put the process of an egg’s development and hatching in order.
A big thank you to a wonderful local bird farmer, Scott Humble, who generously gave us many different bird eggs so the preschoolers could  see first-hand how eggs can vary in size, shape, and color.

   “E” is for Eggs!
 I spy with my little eye: “E” and “e”. 
 This was a great project to focus on not only the letter “E” but also the other letters we’ve been learning all year as the kids “hid” the E’s amongst other letters.  It was fun to see how excited the Pre-K students were to show their parents their I Spy page to see if they would be able to find the E’s!
These EGGStraordinary children are learning so much in so many areas of their development: socially, academically, emotionally, and physically.  I love seeing their eggcellent progress!
Next week we’ll be flying high as we learn about birds!

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