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“B” Week- Our Amazing Bodies!

This month we are learning about our amazing bodies! 
This week we focused on body parts.  The kids loved when we rolled back the rug and did our project on the floor one day this week!  
We traced each child’s body and then they added their face and hair.
Some went all out and really got into coloring themselves! 
“Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” was a must this week!
We also made a little person flip-book with coordinating body parts. 
This was a great fine motor skill activity as the children colored and practiced cutting.
We took things one step deeper with our Pre-K classes this week as we learned about some of the body parts inside our bodies!  The kids loved wearing this anatomy apron and finding where the individual pieces went!
On our letter day, the children each came up with a word that starts with the letter “B.”  They did a fantastic job thinking of “B” words!
Then, we went through magazine pages and found pictures of things that start with “B.”
 We practiced writing the letter “B” and then,
the children got to choose which pictures they wanted to cut out and glue onto their letter page.
 Blocks were a great “B” activity!
 I love this picture of these two little guys enjoying their book time!
 Music and movement was a fun way for the children to get up and move their bodies!
 Thank you to one of our moms for bringing in some baby bunnies for us to hold, pet, and learn about!  What a perfect addition to our “B” week!
 This was one of the centers this week.  They don’t always relate to our weekly theme.  These children really liked tracing and coloring using stencils!
Lastly, playing in the snow this week has been pretty exciting!  We’re so glad we can still go out and get some fresh air and get some wiggles out!
Next we’ll be learning about our 5 Senses and reviewing letters we’ve learned already!

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