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Our 5 Senses!

We had such a good time learning about and exploring our 5 senses! 
Mr. Potato Head visited our class to introduce the 5 senses to the kids and helped them learn a song about our senses!  The kids loved that he talked to each one of them and asked them a question about their senses!
After exploring our sense of sight and sense of hearing, the Pre-K classes drew pictures of things they could see and things they could hear.
The 3-year-olds glued on pictures of things they could see and hear.
When we learned about our sense of touch, the older kids got a thrill out of trying to guess what they grabbed in our sensory bag.  I encouraged them to feel the item, describe how it felt, 
and try to guess what it was. 
With the younger classes, we learned the vocabulary for different items we can feel and touch like the difference between smooth and pokey, for instance.  
They really enjoyed feeling and exploring each item!
Hands-on learning is a great way to help solidify new concepts!
We learned that our senses of smell and taste often work together.  The children enjoyed smelling and tasting their snack of sweet pineapple and salty crackers!
At the end of the week, we played a fun game to review all 5 senses!
 This week we reviewed many of the letters we’ve already learned so far.  Learning letters can be very fun!
We had fun matching the uppercase and lowercase letters we were reviewing!
 Using our sense of hearing as Ms. Ann led us in an interactive game of pass the beanbag!  The kids thought it was hilarious that each time they heard a tambourine they had to change the direction they were passing the beanbag!
 Enjoying some quiet reading time!
 Besides Mr. Potato Head, we also had Mother Goose and Goosey as visitors!  We always enjoy when Mother Goose comes with stories and rhymes!

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