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Winter and Snow!

We had a great week learning all about winter and snow!
We practiced one-to-one correspondence and letter recognition as we played this fun game!  The kids took turns rolling a numbered die and putting that number of “snowballs” on the snowmen!
Preschoolers love singing and acting out songs!  We sang “Once There Was a Snowman” this week!  Not only is it good for children to learn music, but it is a wonderful way for them to express themselves and memorize lyrics!
For one of our projects this week the children made individual snowmen with the letters of their name on the snowballs.  This was a great activity for both 3-year-old and the Pre-K classes because it helped them recognize their names, put their letters in the correct order and if able, write their own names!
It was fun to see the kids practice their art skills and working together as a class as they took turns and drew a colorful, classroom snowman!
Since we were learning about winter, it was a perfect opportunity to take a few minutes to lay down and listen to Vivaldi’s classical piece entitled “Winter” and imagine some fun winter activities they like to do during the winter.  Classical music is so good for children to listen to as it helps their brain develop as well as giving them more exposure to various styles of music.
We also learned the letter “W” this week! 
It was fun to find lots of different ways to make the letter of the week!
The children were enthralled with stories about winter and snow this week!

 They really enjoyed music and movement time with Ms. Ann this week!
 I love seeing their joyful, happy faces as they sing together!
Next week we will be learning about other winter holidays celebrated around the world.  Then, the following week we will be focusing just on Christmas!  We are so excited for this magical time of year!

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