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Merry Christmas!

We had the merriest week yet at the preschool getting ready for Christmas!!  The kids loved counting how many days until Christmas after we did our calendar and numbers each day.  I love how excited they were for Christmas! What a special time of year! 
We read a beautiful story called “Memories of the Manger” and set up our little nativity set to start off our week!
The children really enjoyed decorating their own Christmas tree ornament.  Thank you to AnnaLee (one of the parents) for baking all the ornaments!  It was a great activity to let them experiment with mixing colors as well as being creative.  I think it’s always fun to have a special memento to remember your sweet children at this magical age!

 We like to add math in whenever we can!  Sometimes I let the children decide which book we read by giving them 2 options and having them stand by the one they want to read.  We count how many children choose each book and figure out which group has more and which one has less.
 A basket full of Christmas books to look at after snack time!
 Thank you to Sarah for coming to teach music to our morning class!  The kids absolutely loved playing “Jingle Bells” with the instruments she brought with her.  These kids did a terrific job following her signs and playing the song together!  I love great music times!
  Paying very close attention so they could play their part!
 Dancing during Music and Movement!  Joyful smiles make everyone happy! : )
 We read a story about decorating a Christmas tree and then, for our project, we decorated our own trees.  Each tree was made out of 3 triangles which the kids had to sort and arrange from largest to smallest. 
 They all did a great job following directions and getting their trees put together just right!
Our letter of the week was “C” for Christmas!  With the Pre-K classes, we talked about patterns and arranged some Christmas cookies in a pattern on a letter “C.”  Then, the kids got to “decorate” their cookies!
And then we had the most magical visitor yet…Santa!
The kids were thrilled to have him right in our preschool!
They loved sitting on his lap and telling him what they wanted for Christmas! What a memorable moment!
All of us at Treasure Tree Academy hope you had a beautiful Christmas!  And wish you and your families a happy and prosperous new year!

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