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Treasuring moments of growth!

Winter Wonderland!

Winter is our theme for December!  I love teaching the preschoolers about the seasons!  The kids enjoyed singing “Once There Was a Snowman” and melting to a puddle on the rug!

The highlight of the week was acting out the story entitle “The Hat” by Jan Brett.  I love Jan Brett’s books the illustrations are so beautiful and the books are magical.  The children were truly delighted as they played the various animals in the book as well as the little girl, Lisa.

Curious Hedgie pretended to like the sock that was stuck on his head and, one by one, told all the other animals how it would keep him warm and dry in the winter.   The other animals soon found their own “hats” to be prepared for winter like Hedgie.  

Once the little girl, Lisa, realized all her winter clothes were gone, she had to chase down the animals to get them back again!

“H” is for Hansel and Gretel!  I love reading classic stories and books to the children!  Many of them had never heard this story before.  After the story, the kids practiced their shapes as they helped Hansel and Gretel find their way out of the forest with a shape maze.

Music time!  Christmas songs as well as their recent favorite–London Bridge is Falling Down!
Working on puzzles together this week!

It was a fantastic week!  Looking forward to next week’s gingerbread fun!

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