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Treasuring moments of growth!

May- Full of Excitement and Growth!

After faithfully keeping an eye on our little batch of eggs in the incubator for a full 3 weeks, they finally hatched!  And what a miraculous thing that was!  The children, teachers, and parents were all in amazement as right before our eyes, these tiny little creatures worked so hard to break out of their shells and begin to move around!  This was a first at our preschool and it was truly incredible!
When they were all a few days old, the children got to carefully touch them and feel just how fluffy baby chicks are!
We kept them in our classroom for a couple of weeks and the children were enthralled with observing them!
We also learned about seeds and plants in preschool.  It was neat to see how different each type of seed is and then see what it would grow in to.  Hands on learning is the best! 
We worked on scissor skills as we cut out the stages of a plant’s life and then put them in order and glued them on.
We also played our roll-a-flower game to reinforce the parts of a flower as well as number recognition with our dice rolling game.  They took turns rolling the dice and adding that part of the flower to the one they were putting together.


 Cathy Erdmann, an amazingly talented local artist, came to each of our classes to teach us about clay and sculptures.  She showed the children many different sculptures and the process of making a sculpture.


Cathy helped the children use Polymer clay to make a special magnet flower for their moms.
Happy Mother’s Day!!!  I wish we could’ve taken pictures of each of our kids’ wonderfully amazing moms, but here’s just a few!  What would our world be like without the devotion and love of our moms?  Thanks for all you do!
This spring we also learned about flowers.  The children enjoyed painting big flowers that they could take home!  The older kids make their flowers by wrapping paper to make it colorful and unique!

Since we had caterpillars in our classroom this spring, the children loved acting out the life cycle of a butterfly, pretending they were caterpillars busily eating and crawling, then standing so still as chrysalises, and then flapping their arms and “flying” around the room!

 We watched as they grew from tiny little caterpillars to big caterpillars, then observed them as chrysalises and waited patiently until they emerged.  They came out during our last week of preschool!  Perfect timing by our beautiful butterflies!
 Our Pre-Kindergarten kids worked on learning their phone numbers!  In today’s world of cell phones and technology, learning phone numbers is not as common as before.  But it is still very important for children to know at least one of their parent’s phone numbers.  We even practiced dialing on our pretend cell phones!
I love how much the children enjoy playing with our kitchen sets.  Cooking, pretending, and playing family roles as they develop social skills at preschool!
These cuties worked so hard on this challenging puzzle!  Yeah for teamwork!
The end of the year is always so bittersweet when we have graduation for our Pre-Kindergarten students.  They all worked so hard this year and grew so much physically, academically, socially, and emotionally.  They are ready for Kindergarten!  Thank you for all your support of these precious children!  They know they’re loved by so many!

 What a great year!

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