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Treasuring moments of growth!

We love the U.S.A.!!

 What a great week to learn about the U.S.A.!
 After learning about the Statue of Liberty, we put our U.S.A. puzzle together to see how big America is and where we live compared to where the Statue of Liberty is.  The kids did great matching up the states on this fun magnetic puzzle!
Centers are always a great way for preschoolers to develop independence by choosing which center they would like to do as well as developing social and academic skills.

 The boys in the background were really enjoying themselves as they prepared and served food and took care of the babies!

 We learned the letters “U,” “S,” and “A” this week! 

Yummy red, white, and blue snacks!

Documenting our experiment with pennies and vinegar.  If you’d like to try this at home, place a penny on a paper towel on a plate (before 1981 works best).  Then, pour some vinegar on the pennies.  Let them sit for a day or two and see what happens!  This went along great with learning about the Statue of Liberty and how she started out copper colored and is now turquoise.
Along with the letters, we learned red, white, and blue!  The kids really liked making this patriotic collage!

Music and Movement time was very fun this week! We danced to patriotic music with scarves!
And we had a patriotic parade as we learned the song “My Flag, My Flag”!
Happy birthday, America!  
Next week we’ll be switching gears as we learn about Eric Carle, the children’s author and illustrator!
Next week’s letters are “E” and “Z”!  Keep reviewing the letters with your preschooler to help solidify all they’ve learned!
  Enjoy this 4th of July weekend!  

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