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Treasuring moments of growth!

Valentine’s Day!

We took a short break from learning about so many animals to celebrate Valentine’s day!  We read lots of stories and talked about how we show love to our friends and family.  These darling children all wanted to give their friends hugs after reading some books about giving hugs!  This age is so sweet and kind and have such big hearts!
 One of the days we spent making Valentine’s cards for special people that we “love to pieces”!  They were so pleased with how their cards turned out!  They did a fantastic job!

We also decorated our bags to collect the Valentine’s from our friends. 
The children were SO excited to get a turn to pass out their Valentine’s for their friends.  The loved showing their friends how much they cared about them by giving them a special little something!
We also played a lot of games this week!  We had Valentine’s delivering games, bean bag games, and Valentine’s memory match!  As we played, the kids worked on social skills, eye-hand coordination, and paying attention so they could remember where the matches were.

Enjoying Valentine’s stories!
Mother Goose and Goosey even got to visit during the week of Valentine’s too!  What a splendid treat!
The kids had a fun time stringing beads as they worked on patterns.

We had a letter review this week.  These big Pre-Kindergarteners were practicing writing some of the letters they’ve learned this year.  They’re getting so good at writing and remembering the letters!

What a terrific week!  Here’s a couple of pictures from centers.  I love capturing those delightful moments when all the children are playing so nicely together!  We have the greatest kids here at our preschool!

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