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Treasuring moments of growth!

Summer Preschool–the fun has begun!

We had such a fun week as we learned about INSECTS! We talked about ants, bees, caterpillars, and butterflies!  We even got some real caterpillars in our classroom so we can watch them over the next couple of weeks to see how they will change into butterflies!  It’s quite amazing!
 At the beginning of the week we sorted insects and learned that insects have 6 legs!
After sorting insects, we went to the sensory table to find as many insects as we could!

 The kids really enjoyed centers this week!  Some of the things we did this week were playing kitchen and house, building with blocks, playing with cars, and shape puzzles.  When we learned about bees on Wednesday, the kids loved using the yellow hexagons to make honeycomb cells for the bees!
 Mother Goose was a very special visitor one day this week!  She brought along a special picnic of nursery rhymes to enjoy!
 Drinking nectar from a “proboscis” like a butterfly was pretty neat! 

Busily working on making letter “C” caterpillars!  Some were fuzzy and all were very colorful!

 Making butterflies out of the letter “B”!

We learned the letters “I”, “B”, and “C” this week as well as the number 6.  The children practiced writing the letters on our white board and we learned the letters’ sounds.  Reviewing these with your child this weekend will help them retain what we’ve studied at school and help them to lock those into their long-term memory as they get ready to read!  

Next week is all about PETS!  If you would like to bring in your family pet, let me know so we can coordinate a time!  Seeing the real thing is always more exciting than just pictures!
Our letters for next week are “D”, “R”, and “P”. 

It has been such a joy to teach your children!  They are so wonderful and are learning so quickly!

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