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Staying Healthy!

We finished up learning about our bodies during the last week of January by learning how to keep our bodies healthy!
As part of eating healthy, we learned about the 5 food groups!  
We learned that we get important vitamins and nutrients from the healthy food we eat!  We also learned that we should eat lots of different kinds of food.  
We made our own food groups plate to take home.  This website: http://www.choosemyplate.gov/kids/ has some fun games and activities to go along with the food groups and a balanced diet if you want to explore it with your child.
 They did a great job and were quite proud of the balanced meals they created on their plates!
 The kids had fun playing our healthy habits game!  
Whenever I said a habit that would help keep our bodies healthy, the kids flexed their strong muscles!  Then, when I would say a habit that wouldn’t help us to be healthy, the kids would sit down.
 We learned that exercise is another important way to keep our bodies healthy!
 Somersaults are a great way to move our bodies!
 As a review of how to keep our bodies healthy, the kids drew pictures of their favorite healthy food as well as a good way to exercise!

 This was the first project where we’ve had the 3-year-olds attempt drawing something specific.
 After modeling how to draw a few different things, we let them go for it!  We were quite pleased to see their attempts and some of their wonderful pictures!
 Enjoying a book one of the children chose to have Ms. Ann read at the end of class!
 I love the proud look on this sweet little girl’s face as she was showing me the letter puzzle she did all by herself!  Learning letters and sounds is so rewarding!
  Enjoying play-doh during centers this week!
  We learned the letter “U” this week.  The kids LOVED when we sang our letter of the week song.  We jumped u-u-up when we sang the “u” sound!
  For our letter day, we focused on umbrellas.  We discussed how different umbrellas look and noticed that some have patterns, some have designs, and some are all one color. 
The children enjoyed designing their own unique umbrella and then finding words that had a “u” in them.  They thought it was pretty neat to find the words and letters and cut them out of old magazines!
Cute kids and their umbrellas!

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