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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

For the month of March, we will be learning about a few of my favorite children’s books authors.  We started off the month with Dr. Seuss since his birthday is March 2nd!  Dr. Seuss books are always so entertaining to read and also enhance creativity and rhyme recognition.  The children loved painting their own “Cat in the Hat” hat just the way Dr. Seuss created it!  This was a 2-day project for the older kids who got to paint one day and then cut out their own hats the next.  I love their super happy expressions in these pictures! : )  We all enjoyed Dr. Seuss week!

Painting these hats was also a great way to emphasize patterns.

After learning a little bit about Dr. Seuss, we watched the original “Cat in the Hat” movie.  It was very different from “The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That” which many of the kids were familiar with.

 We also played memory match with a collection of Dr. Seuss’ characters!  They had a great time finding things they recognized from Dr. Seuss’ books and movies in all the cards and matching them.  Playing memory match helps to teach children to follow rules, take turns, increase attention, boost their memory, and is a great way to have fun together!

Music time with the instruments!  The kids are picking up on the names of the different instruments and enjoy playing them as a group.  This particular activity helps them listen for the name of their instrument and wait until it’s their turn to play along. 

This ABC train/bus track, magnets, and puzzle are all fun ways to reinforce the alphabet and colors!

Playing with blocks can be pretty interesting!  I love seeing the creative ways children choose to build things.

Legos are always a hit whether trying to follow a pattern or just making something up as they go!

Puppet show during centers…what a terrific turn out!

This creation is truly impressive!  It never ceases to amaze me how talented some of these students are!

We also learned the letter “Q” this week.  Every week I write the children’s names on the board to see who has the letter of the week in their name.  They could hardly believe that no one had a “q” in their name this week!

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