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Treasuring moments of growth!

Family Week!

This was one fabulous week!  We learned about families!  We learned that every family is different- some people live with mom and dad, some live with just one parent, some have one child in the family, some have lots of children… 
 The kids really enjoyed bringing their family pictures to show to the class!  They felt so special as they told us who was in their family and how much they love their family and how their family loves them! Thanks to all the parents who sent family pictures!  If you didn’t get a chance to send a picture, you may send it next week if you’d like!
The kids loved playing and learning together in the family center!  
This group decided their families were going camping! 
After talking about helping in our families, the Pre-K classes practiced their artistic skills as they drew their family, their house, and how they help their family.  We have some great artists as well as some wonderful helpers!
Animals have families too!  
 This was a very engaging math activity!  First, we put the little bears into families according to number- they practiced recognizing the numbers and one-to-one correspondence as they counted the bears to match the number. 
 Afterwards, they had fun making their own bear families!  We sorted the bears into buckets according to color when we were all through.  There was some great learning going on!
 Family finger puppets were a hit! 
We’re always happy when Mother Goose flies in for a visit!   The kids always enjoy her rhymes, stories, and songs!  She comes once a month to all our classes!  We sure love Mother Goose!
Our Pre-K classes learned about another family…the old woman who lived in the shoe!  Nursery rhymes are a perfect way to encourage memorization and confidence as they retell the rhyme!
If you can’t tell, “X” was the letter of the week!
A picture from this week is perfect for introducing our theme for next week…Friends!  It is magical to see how preschoolers make friends so quickly!  I love how they play so nicely together, share toys and books, and are so concerned for one another!  We’re looking forward to another wonderful week!

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