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Dinosaur Week!

Dinosaur week was fantastic! Dinosaurs are so intriguing to learn about and the kids were fascinated each day! We learned the letter “F” when we talked about fossils and the letter “T” with T-Rex and Triceratops. The 2-day a week classes learned “D” for “Dinosaurs,” of course! 

We played with dinosaurs at centers and put together dinosaur puzzles! The magnetic letters and numbers were also loads of fun! The kids identified those they knew, we worked on recognizing new letters, and they spelled out their names. 

The field trip to the BYU Paleontology Museum was really neat! The kids loved seeing all the fossils in real life! They were amazed at how big some of the dinosaurs were! It was a lot of fun! With such pleasant weather, we couldn’t resist the chance to sit on the grass and read a dinosaur story! 
After seeing fossilized dinosaur eggs in a nest at the museum, it was pretty fun to eat our own dinosaur nests and eggs! 

All 5 of our caterpillars have now finished their transformation into full-grown butterflies! The kids have been fascinated with this whole process and it has been amazing to watch! We let one go during class and we’ll let the rest go this coming week!

Making playdoh was a super activity! Cooking is such a great experience for preschoolers! 

Later we got to use our playdoh to make dinosaur footprints and impressions of dinosaurs. Some even buried their dinosaurs and pretended to be paleontologists who dug out the bones!
Making fossils with noodles! has a wonderful interactive game called “Dig For Dinosaurs.” In addition to learning more about fossils and paleontologists, this game is great for strengthening eye-hand coordination! 

This group of boys loves the puppet theater! So, we incorporated dinosaurs into our plays!
Checking in with Snow Brownie. 
Singing the ABCs as a class! The kids do a great job being class helpers!
What great boys and girls we have in our classes! They are so precious! 
In honor of Independence Day, next week we’ll learn about the USA! It’s the perfect week to learn the letters “U”, “S”, and “A” and the colors red, white and blue!

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