Celebrating Fall with a Field Trip to the Red Barn

Celebrating Fall with a Field Trip to the Red Barn

 We had a wonderful week!  We started off the week with some fun Halloween-time games with candy corns!  We played memory match, used candy corn as counters, and sorted them too!

The highlight of our week was our field trip to Rowley’s Red Barn in Santaquin!  After learning about fall, trees, leaves, and apples, this was a great trip to see all of those things and more!  The kids loved going on the hay ride and seeing the fruit trees and noticing which leaves had already changed colors!  Some of them even spotted some apples on the trees! 

They also had a blast playing at the Red Barn’s play area!  What fun!  They had pedal tractors, a great hay pyramid, big slides, a huge sandbox, and a fun maze! 

These two little cuties were quite nervous to go down the slide.  So, we went down together a few times and then I encouraged them to try going down together.  They were so darling!  They cautiously got their gunny sack ready and sat down side-by-side, then held hands and went for it!  They loved it so much they kept going back for more!  Field trips are wonderful opportunities to learn and grow in so many ways!

To end our fabulous field trip, we got to enjoy some apple cider doughnuts back at the barn!
What a terrific week!  Thanks to all the parents who came on the field trips with us!  It was a huge success thanks to all of you!  We had a great time together!