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Treasuring moments of growth!


 We were all fascinated watching our caterpillars grow all last week!!
At the end of the week, this class was lucky enough to witness one of the caterpillars changing into a chrysalis!  It was incredible!
The kids really enjoyed acting out the life cycle of a butterfly from eggs to hungry caterpillars to still, silent chrysalises until they emerged as butterflies!
The kids even flew around like butterflies during Music and Movement!
Pointing to their favorite butterflies after completing this large puzzle together!
We worked on our matching skills while we played matching games. 
 Since we were learning about butterflies, we had a perfect opportunity to learn about symmetry with the Pre-K classes!  They picked up this concept really quickly and did an impressive job making their own butterflies symmetrical! 
This little girl and her mom brought in a beautifully mounted Monarch butterfly for us to examine and learn about!  We all loved looking at it up close!
 One of our Pre-K kids practicing writing her name.  These kids are ready for Kindergarten!
 We also learned about shapes this week.  Shapes are all around us!  Let your child point out shapes they find around the house and outside!
Recess is the perfect time to apply the knowledge these kids have learned about insects!  Everyday now they search our rosebushes for ladybugs, count their spots, and identify their symmetry!  I love seeing these children learn and grow!
I couldn’t resist adding this picture of these two little buddies making music together!
 For the month of May, we’ll be learning all about Plants!  

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