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All About Eric Carle Week!

Eric Carle is such a talented artist and author!  We had a wonderful week learning about how he creates his illustrations as well as enjoying some of his delightful books!
The children really enjoyed painting a page like Eric Carle might use to cut out an image in a story!
“Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”  is such a fun book illustrated by Eric Carle.  We each got to be a different animal from the story as we acted out the book.  

 Some of Eric Carle’s books were brought to life during snack time this week!  We had “hungry caterpillars” that ate through strawberries and plums just like in “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”
We learned the letters “E” and “Z” this week as well as the number 7.  We noticed that all of the people in one of our classes had an “e” in their name just like Eric Carle has in his name!
Practicing our letters in salt was pretty exciting!
 After we read Eric Carle’s book “Little Cloud,” the kids made their own cloud shape!  It was fun to see how these puffy creations turned out!
After we read Eric Carle’s book “Walter the Baker,” we got to eat some of Walter’s baked goods!  We had sweet rolls and pretzels just like the Duke and Duchess had in the story! 
 When it was time to be bakers like Walter the Baker, the kids enjoyed making their own pretzels, pies, cakes, and breads!  Playdoh was a great medium for strengthening their motor skills as well as their social skills as they shared the baking tools and showed each other what they had made!
As an added bonus to our week, Mother Goose came to visit!  The children were very excited to have a special visitor and to get to choose an egg that Goosey had laid!  It is always a special treat when Mother Goose comes!  The children enjoyed singing nursery rhymes together and listening to fun songs and stories!
The kids were so cute as they used our new watering cans to help take care of the plants growing in our garden!  They were excellent little gardeners and had a lot of fun too!
We have had a great first session of summer preschool!  We’ll start our next session with “Space” as our theme!  We’ll be learning the letters “J,” “N,” and “M” and the number 5.

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