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Last week of summer preschool–Ocean Animals week!

What a fabulous last week of summer preschool we had!  It was so much fun to learn about all sorts of ocean animals from tiny creatures that live in shells to great big whales!   We finished up the alphabet this week as we learned the letters “O,” “K,” and “Y” as well as the number 8. 
The kids really enjoyed some hands on learning with seashells and playdoh!  They found it fascinating to see the impressions of the different types of shells in the playdoh.  
Working together to sort the seashells!
 These kids had so much fun with the ocean animal puppets!  It’s always so fun to hear the stories they tell using the puppets!
 Hands-on learning!  Kids learn so much by touching, feeling, and handling things!  It was neat to see, hold, and touch the sea star, sand dollars and seashells!
Olive and Ollie Octopus visited our class this week to introduce the letter “O” and help us learn about octopuses!  The kids found it quite enjoyable to meet these two special visitors, introduce themselves, and have a chance to feel their tentacles and suction cups! : )
 Making our own octopuses!  The kids practiced their scissor skills and worked on patterns with this small-group project!
We loved how these cute octopuses turned out!
 We also learned about killer whales this week.  Since killer whales eat fish, we made a group graph to organize the fish we had.  We worked on taking turns, colors, counting, more and less, and most and least!  Math is fun!
Ocean themed sensory table time! 
 So many types of whales!
 We love when Mother Goose comes to visit!  We’re so happy we get to see her every month during the school year!
Playing together, strengthening social skills, and learning so much!
Thanks to all the parents of these darling children!  Your kids are so smart and kind and we have had a wonderful summer learning together!  
Looking forward to the school year!  Just another week left before school starts!
Open House, Meet-your-teacher day, and Usborne book fair on Monday, August 25th from 12:00-2:00!  Hope to see you there!  Come check us out for the first time or bring a friend and say hello again!

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