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Treasuring moments of growth!

We Belong in our Community!

This week we learned about belonging in our community.  We talked about how our community is our neighborhood and our city and the people around us that help everything run like the police officers, fire fighters, mail carriers, store cashiers, farmers, etc.
Some of the children enjoyed playing with our community road map as part of centers this week.

In preparation for our field trip to the post office in our community, the children made a letter “M” project and got it ready to mail to someone at their house on our field trip.  This way, the children would get to see how the mail system works and enjoy the anticipation and excitement of knowing the mail carrier would deliver their letter to their house!

Thankfully, we had great weather for our walking field trip and wonderful parents who came with us!  It was fun to see many businesses and buildings in our community.
Once at the post office, we learned what happens to letters and packages when they get dropped off there.

The children were all very excited to put their own letter in the mail box and send it on its way complete with stamp and address!

The Pre-Kindergarten classes got to dress up as community helpers for one of their projects.

Many of them even practiced being a community helper!  They really had a blast role playing and working together. 

These pictures were too cute to pass up!  These kids were tasting different kinds of apples for snack after they learned about apples!
And this cutie was quite proud of herself for putting all of these puzzles together during centers!  What an accomplishment!
What a joy it is to teach all of your beautiful children and to see them learn and grow!

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