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Valentine’s Week!

We took a little break from our animal theme and focused on Valentine’s, the color pink, and reviewing our letters.
 Playing a matching game on our class whiteboard.  We matched capital and lowercase letters and reviewed their sounds.  These kids are getting their letters down and getting ready to read!
Miss Emily led the children in a music and movement game to review letters as well!
 Before we started our color pink lesson, I had the kids guess which 2 colors we would mix together in order to make pink.  They came up with some pretty interesting color combinations! 
 They loved helping to mix red and white together to magically make…
the color PINK!
 Since we were learning about pink, we had fun reading “Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink.”
For one of our projects this week, we made little Valentine’s books!  Their favorite part was the “secret pockets” for their love notes!
They turned out quite LOVELY!
 The children really enjoyed decorating their own Valentine to give to someone they love.
I love how diligent this little guy was as he wrote his thoughtful love-note to his mom! 
 This was a fantastic activity to encourage more practice with writing letters and words.  They did a terrific job!
 Thanks to one of our wonderful mothers for making a fun Valentine Shape Twister!  The kids had a blast playing together during our Valentine’s day party!
 A big thanks to another amazing mom for providing the Valentine’s party treats!
  This was the most anticipated part of the Valentine’s day party! They were thrilled to pass out the Valentine’s they brought for all of their friends!
 Valentine memory match!  Learning through playing games is very effective.  “Memory” is a brilliantly fun way to encourage children to pay close attention to detail and remember where each card is. 
We had a great week preparing for and celebrating Valentine’s day!  These kids are so loving, thoughtful, and kind!  I love them very much!  And I know my assistant teachers feel the very same way!  Thanks for letting us love them!
Another lively music and movement game where the children acted out a specific animal and led their class in that action! 
 I love this joyful grin!
 Caring for a cute little kitty!
 Pairing items that go together!
Celebrating another birthday together!
Next week we will continue learning about animals as we focus our week on REPTILES and the letter R!
Animals are fascinating to play with and learn about!!

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