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Treasuring moments of growth!

The Lending Library!

We started our lending library this week!  It was so rewarding to see how excited these kids were to get to take a special book home from school to borrow!  It is never too early to instill a love of books and learning!  
 Each child got a unique library bag to use for the school year to keep their Treasure Tree Academy library books safe!  This was a great opportunity to teach the students how to treat books and care for them so we can continue enjoying such wonderful books!
 It was fun to see which books the kids chose!
 Checking out books is a special time!  The kids are learning to file their library card under the first initial of their name.  It is a good way to let them make independent choices in which book they want to take home. 
Some fun pictures from this week’s centers:

Play-doh makes a great medium for practicing letters at home or at school!
Each week we learn a new letter.  This week’s letter was “S”!  Ask your child to point out the letter “S” now as you read books together and on signs as you’re out and about.  This will help solidify what we’ve learned this week!
Our classroom set of small whiteboards is perfect for kids to practice writing their letters!
 After learning that the “S” makes a sound like a snake, the kids took turns making an “S” snake!
 This was a sparkly, fun project to heighten the kids’ familiarity with their name in preparation to be able to recognize and write their own name independently.  It was also a great way to strengthen those fine-motor and concentration skills as they carefully glued sequins onto the first letter of their name.

 Music and movement classes were simply magic this week!  From dancing to playing different instruments–they had a great time!
We’re looking forward to another wonderful week next week learning about “Family!”  Be sure to bring a family photo for your child to share with their class!  It will be neat to see how each family is different as well as the similarities between families!

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