Space Week!

This week was reeeally OUT THERE!  We had a BLAST learning about the planets, stars,
the moon, and the Earth!
We got some special star-filled space playdoh and put together a 3-D diagram of our solar system!  We learned that all the other planets are either too hot or too cold for us to live on and that Earth is in just the right spot for life to exist!  When we studied the earth and the moon, we made our very own planet earths and name rocket ships!

The kids had a GREAT time taking their positions as planets and orbiting around the sun!

     They discovered and experimented with the forces of gravity and centripetal force as they revolved around the galaxy in their orbits!  We learned that the sun never moves, but that the Earth moves and spins making it day and night!  When we studied the moon, we went on our own moon expedition via personal rocket ships and “bounced” on the moon like real astronauts!

We learned the letters “M,” “N,”  and “J” and practiced the number 5!  These kids were as sharp as rocket scientists!  I was so proud of them!

We also took time to realize and appreciate that it is the sun’s power that makes everything here on earth grow!  All we have to do is add a little water!  Miraculous!

We also learned, that if we eat the healthy food that the earth and sun and water make, we will grow too!

 Strong and healthy and happy!  Just look at these WONDERFUL growing kids!
All made possible by the perfect placement and orbit of the Earth around the sun and God’s special ingredient: LOVE!
I love teaching these cute kids each week!  And I love that my life orbits around theirs!