As part of our weather theme, we learned about rain and other types of precipitation like snow and hail!  For one of our projects, we made an umbrella with raindrops falling on it.  The children loved being able to create their own unique umbrella!
 We also learned “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring”.  They all did a great job memorizing the words and doing the actions.  With the older kids, we gave them the opportunity to stand up in front of the class and recite it all by themselves if they wanted!  We were so impressed!
We learned the order of the colors in the rainbow and then the kids painted with water and saw how the colors on their rainbow magically blurred together like a real rainbow we see in the sky after it rains!


 Our letter this week was “U”.  The older kids worked on their fine-motor skills as they carefully grabbed the pom-poms with chopsticks and sorted them onto the colored umbrellas.  This was a great time to add in some math as we pointed out which groups had more, less, and equal numbers.

It’s always neat to see what the kids create and how they play together during centers. 

 All the kids really enjoy when the kitchen area is a center.  We had some great little cooks and bakers this week as well as some that turned the puppet stand into a market again!

 We also had some wonderful, active music and movement times!  The boys and girls get so excited when we pull out the scarves for them to dance with!
 These pictures are from the favorite pony song!  The kids LOVE when they get to pretend they’re riding their pony around and then when the music slows and gets quieter, they ride their tired pony back to the stable for it to rest…just to anxiously wait for the music to start back up again!!