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Treasuring moments of growth!

Preschool has begun!

We are so happy to be back in the swing of things!  What a wonderful first week and a half we’ve had!
To help us introduce our theme of “School”, we had a special little visitor from “The Kissing Hand” (by Audrey Penn) come to our class!  The children absolutely loved having Chester in our classroom!  He will be visiting throughout the year to see how much the kids are learning and how they enjoy preschool!
Then we got to draw our own “kissing hand” and talk about how we felt on our first day of preschool! The kids all did amazing well on the first day!  We were all so proud of them as they happily came to school and said good-bye to their parents. 
 We do a project each day.  This is our small group time where we focus on math, art, science, and reading readiness.  One of our projects was playing a letter memory match game.  This was a fun way to learn some letters and practice taking turns.
We’ve had some wonderful little music classes already this year!  Music is a wonderful way to encourage children to express emotion, memorize lyrics, and enjoy learning together!
After snack, we spend a few minutes either looking at books independently or working on puzzles.
This week we worked on some school skills including painting with water colors.  Painting helps strengthen eye-hand coordination, color recognition, and gives voice to expression and creativity.
Another school skill we worked on was cutting!  Using scissors can be a tricky skill to develop.  Each child was given a piece of paper to snip and cut however they wanted and then many chose to glue their pieces on another paper or together to form a creative masterpiece!  Later in the year we will work on cutting on lines, but it’s important to let them get comfortable with scissors first.
This week we also explored some math skills with number recognition and writing for the older kids and one-to-one correspondence as we counted bears and put the correct number of bears by each number.
Some first week pics of little friendships forming as the children play together at centers and outside at recess!



We want to welcome Ms. Catherine to our team at Treasure Tree Academy!  She is our Assistant Teacher for one of the Pre-K classes and is a delight to have working with us! 
We are so excited to teach your beautiful children this year!  It is amazing how bright they are and just how sweet they are! See you next week!

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